Thursday, March 24, 2011

the best lip balm ever...

I've try on lot's of lipbalm such as eucerin, mentholatum, nivea, etc.
i dont really remember much of it...
the only 1 i remember is The Skin Food Avocado Lipbalm
SKIN FOOD was from KOREA since 1957
things from skin food are all natural(but i dont think so)
there must be something that are not natural... XD
i always regret for buying those lipbalm that are useless
but this is different
i love it very much and i can feel the softness of my lips after using it
The Price = RM28
RM28 is cheap and not expensive bcoz you worth it...
my lip condition is always bad coz i dont drink much water
 this avocado lipbalm moisture my lip and keeps my lip soft
you may feel like baby skin after using it for few days
you may keep it handy in your bag wherever you go
 dead skin will be removed & lip stay moist (baby lips)
grab & feel it... =D 
GOSH!!! feels like advertising.... 

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